Baion® Application Guide

Chemical Composition

Baion® processing additives are based on blends of surface active chemicals

  • Specific surfactants: fatty esters, fatty alcohols, fatty acids.
  • Synthetic chemical derivatives: metallic salts, ether and amide of fatty materials
  • Polymers with different polar functions: hydrocarbon waxes and long chain polyglycol derivatives

Application and Uses

Baion® processing aids are used for the following applications:

  • Dispersing agent for fillers, carbon black, powder additives
  • Internal lubricant: this type of lubricant has a relatively good compatibility with rubber polymers which reduces the bulk viscosity of the compound and promotes its easier flow
  • External lubricant: this component “blooms” to the surface-modifying the rubber metal interface and produces slippage between compound rubber and metal surfaces
  • Internal mold release: acts as an external lubricant during vulcanization
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