PMC Crystal

Continuous Innovation. Superior Quality

PMC Crystal, an integral part of PMC Group’s Performance Chemicals platform, is a multifaceted supplier of specialty antifoam and defoaming agents, metallic stearates, rubber and plastic processing aids, cable filling compounds, wax emulsions, specialty petrolatum and waxes. PMC Crystal offers a wide range of custom manufacturing services.

About Our Products

Innovation is the cornerstone of our success. Industries served include plastics processing, building and construction, tire and rubber, metalworking, hydraulics, lubricants, coatings, personal care and cosmetics and cable.

PMC Crystal also offers a wide range of custom manufacturing services for waxes, wax emulsions, oils and soap production.

Antifoams & Defoamers

Laboratory tested and real world proven, Surtech® high-performance antifoaming agents are more effective than competitive defoamers on the market today.

Metallic Stearates

Crystal offers sodium and potassium stearates, which find applications in a wide variety of industries, from personal care and cosmetics to food additives, paints and coatings.


CrystalPet® petrolatum products are tasteless, odorless and nontoxic compositions that can be combined with food grade oils and waxes.

Tire & Rubber

PMC Crystal offers a broad line of protectant additives, lubricants, process aids, dispersants, flow promoters and anti-adhesives (slab-dips) for rubber and plastics applications.

PVC Lubricants

Baion rigid PVC wax blends are designed for cost-performance effectiveness in a variety of applications such as rigid PVC siding profile, fence and railing profile, custom compounding and PVC pipe extrusion.

Wax Emulsions

CrystalCer® wax emulsions are stable, solvent-free mixtures of wax, water and emulsifying agents. They are used in a wide variety of applications to impart water resistance, dust control and improve slip and lubricity.

Customized Wax Blends

Crystal has been in the wax processing business for nearly a century. As a major purchaser of bulk waxes, we are in a strong position to provide custom-formulated waxes in a variety of physical forms.