Baion® Process Aids, Lubricants, Dispersants and Flow Promoters

The Baion® range of products are additives for use in rubber mixing compounding to improve manufacturing processing of rubber materials while minimizing the impact on general physical and curing properties.

Our products are pre-packaged, pre-formulated blends of surfactants which function as dispersing agents, internal and/or external lubricants, release agents and viscosity reducers during the mixing, calendering, extruding and injection cycles. They improve dispersion, flow, and rheology during the entire process.

Key benefits to using Baion® processing aids and dispersants are:

  • Reduced cost
  • Increased output
  • Reduced energy requirements
  • Reduced total mixing times
  • Improved mold release
  • Improved aesthetics

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Point (°C)
Dosage (phr)
Typical Applications
Baion® 4555
Tan pastilles
2 – 5
Processing AidRubber and plastics compounding and extrusion
Baion® 6015
Tan pastilles
82 – 97
2 – 5
Processing AidRubber and plastics compounding and extrusion